Peace and the Power of Prayer

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In a great scene in our soon-to-be-released movie FATIMA, Sister Lucia, who was one of the shepherds who witnessed the supernatural events in Portugal during 1917, is being interviewed 72 years later in 1989 by a professor who harbors doubts about the events of 1917. During a part of their interview they discuss the call for world peace that was a key component of the apparitions. A short time later the professor asks, “Do you have any regrets?” Sister Lucia responds, “Does it look like the world has heard a message of heavenly peace? This is my only regret – not having done enough… “

Lucia of Fatima died in 2005. We can’t speak for her, but it easy to speculate that now, on the eve of the hundredth anniversary of the apparitions she would probably ask the same question: “Does it look like the world has heard a message of heavenly peace?” Although many people in the world have plainly heard the message, too many people have not. And too many people who have heard the message have failed to embrace it.

One thing we can all do, regardless of our faith, is agree that peace is a noble goal. Everyone knows at least one story where the power of prayer worked wonders. Why then, can’t we all come together in this noble quest and enlist the power of prayer to help bring peace to the world?

Peace is a concept capable of uniting us all, and praying for peace is an action that will breathe universal life into that concept. We should all pray, all the time, with passionate fervor.

When you hear about an attack such as the recent truck attacks in Berlin or the killing of an ambassador in Turkey, take a moment and pray for peace. While some respond with anger and outrage, be one of those who responds with an ever deepening commitment to world peace. Your prayers can be as simple as a single sentence such as, “Let there be peace.” They can also be more detailed, like offering more formal prayers for peace. The important thing is that they are an attempt to bring energy and grace to all activities and actions that will eventually bring peace to all of humankind.

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