Let’s Pray More in 2017

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The Angel of Portugal appeared to the three shepherd children in Fatima three times beginning during 1916, preparing them for their visit from the Virgin Mary the following year. As we pass from the hundredth anniversary of the Angel’s appearance in 2016 to the hundredth anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima in 2017, it is worth pondering the Angel’s opening remarks for the Angel’s second appearance which took place during the summer of 1916. The Angel started by saying, “What are you doing? Pray very much ….”

As we reflect on our lives this past year and how it might change going into the new year, an area to which we should devote much thought is how much time we’ll commit to daily prayer and devotion. Considering the messages of Fatima, we should also think about how often we’ll say the rosary and pray for peace.

One thought about prayer that is useful to some people is to set aside different times of the day for different types of prayer. For example, you might use morning prayer to pray for peace. Then during the day take time out for healing prayer to aid people you know who are suffering. Then in the evening pray the holy rosary. This can be devoted to reparation for sinners, to pray for peace, or simply as a special devotion to the Virgin Mary.

However you pray, however, the most important thing to do during 2017 is to follow the admonition of the Angel of Portugal and pray more in 2017 than ever in the past.

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